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The Parker Memorial library is located in the Dr. Billy E. Harris building, 1st floor.


January is the month for goal setting so why not et a reading goal for yourself this year? The library would like to help by offering a small incentive. The first three people to check out a book and finish it in the month of January will receive a Chick Fil A gift card. All ages are invited to participate. 

The Green Ember Series by S.D. Smith-this four book series is written for 4th-8th graders but can be enjoyed by older kids (and adults) as well. In true Narnia fashion, this Christian fantasy series follows the adventures of two rabbits who must battle to save their land. 

Guided by Grace: The Kathleen Mallory Story by Rosalie Hall Hunt. Last month were you intrigued to learn about women who names grace our mission offerings? Learn more by reading this book on the life of Kathleen Mallory, probably the lesser known of these four amazing women. 

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