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Small Groups/Sunday School


College & Career


Our college and career ministry is an active group

of singles who are now beyond the high school years

moving into the next chapter of life. They are learning to continue growing in their faith and love of Christ as they take the new steps. This group is

led by Todd & Tina Waldrop. They meet each Wednesday @ 6pm in the Life Center and each Sunday morning @ 9:50 in the same room. 

    Todd & Tina Waldrop

    E-mail Todd & Tina

    Adults & Families

    Most of the folks in this group have kids in school. The ages of their children range from newborns to teens. This group is very active and always welcoming to new families to join in on the relationship building, and most importantly, grace and truth growing process. 


      Brandon & Deborah


      Jameson & Katie



      Adult Ministries

      No matter the season or situation we find ourselves

      in as an adult, ministry always matters. Parker has multiple adult groups for stages and phases of adult life. Young adult, newly weds, seasoned weds, single again, we are in life and growing together. And, we welcome you to be a part of these ministry groups. We all have something the Lord desires to do in us. You will find no judgement here; only love and truth. 


      SS/Group Directory

      Class Names        Room#             Spec.

      Faith                   S-2              Co-ed

      Community          209             Co-ed

      Grace                  204              Co-ed

      Resurrection        207CLC         Co-ed

      Anchor                201              Co-ed

      Covenant            205CLC         Co-ed

      SEC                    315               Co-ed

      College/Career     204CLC         Co-ed

      Joy                          200                 Ladies

      Agape                     217D              Ladies

      Anna                       243                 Ladies

      Esther                     201A              Ladies

      Sisterhood             203CLC          Ladies

      Restorers               245                 Men

      Hudson                  217C               Men

      New Creation        201CLC          Men

      7th-12th                3rdCLC           Co-ed

      4th, 5th, 6th         202                 children

      1st, 2nd, 3rd         203                 children

      Bed Babies           100 Parker Drive CH. Wing

      2&3 Yr.                  102 Parker Drive CH. Wing

      4&5 Yr.                  207 Memorial Way CH. Wing

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