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Kevin & Jamie Anderson

Student Ministers

"Whatever parents do in moderation, their kids will do in excess. Parents who attend church once a month or less are raising kids who will see no need for church when they are adults. Who will they run to when the inevitable happens? Parents, grandparents, how are we doing in this area?"
Dr. Mack Amis-Senior pastor
"Looking back, I wish I would have been more involved. It came and went so fast!" -City514 Alumni
"I love our meeting space. It's my favorite place to be. "  Current City514 Student
"All of the leaders are called to serve in this ministry. Not one of them seems out of place. It is easy to sense their love for each student!"  CITY 514 Alumni
"I love the trips and weekly meal we share together!" -  Current City514 Student
"They shout my name when I walk into the room. I feel like the leaders are genuinely glad to see me!"
Current City514 Student
"I feel like I've made friends for life through this youth group. I knew no one when I first visited and now, I know everyone well!"  Current City514 Student

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