2020-The Year of Revival


. . .seek to answer some important questions such as: What is revival? What is a Spiritual Awakening and how is it different from Revival? Why does revival not come? How does revival change people?

. . .seek to learn together about the history of revival in America and come to understand whey the spiritual condition of our country has deteriorated over the last forty to fifty years and how that relates to a lack of revival and spiritual awakenings.

. . .hear from spiritual leaders who had the opportunity to experience the last revival and spiritual awakening in our country in the late 60’s and early 70’s. I want you to hear (and for some of us to remember) what church life was like in those days – hopefully to create a hunger in us to desire a return to that experience.

. . .study God’s Word about revival and renewal and to allow it to both guide us and create in us a hunger for a mighty movement of God

. . .pray together and fast together, seeking the revival that we need and that God wants to send.

. . .rediscover the purpose of the church in telling the story of Jesus and having lives transformed and them becoming baptized believers of the Lord.

. . .seek to stand in the mighty power of God and resist the enemy who will seek to battle us on every front to keep revival and spiritual awakening from coming.

. . .seek to walk by faith realizing that revival and spiritual awakening are God’s gracious gifts to those who seek Him. It is what He does and we will be careful to give Him all praise and glory!



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