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We invite you to consider becoming a member of Parker. The church family accepts members in the following ways:
By receiving Jesus Christ as Your Savior and Lord, and
obeying Him through Christian Baptism. 
By Transfer of Membership from another church 
having previously been saved and scripturally baptized. 
By Baptism from another Christian Denomination.
Being a Christian, but having never been baptized by immersion (this does not invalidate your previous Christian commitment). 

1. The traditional way of joining is to present yourself to one of the ministers during the invitation at the close of the worship service. The minister will then introduce you to the church family. 
2.  A second way to join our family is to approach one of our ministers and express your interest in joining Parker. The minister will talk with you for a brief moment then during one of our services a picture of you (or your family) will be displayed on the screen and our congregation will celebrate your coming to be a part of the Parker family. 
3.  A third way is to express your interest to the person (s) at the guest/information table as you exit the service. That person will connect you with one of our ministers who will speak with you further about membership. 

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